Clothing, Men, Women

The Portuguese brand CURA – FASHION DESIGN STUDIO® is an independent fashion design and research studio, with apparel for women and men who share the same visionary dreams. The CURA – FASHION DESIGN STUDIO® brand believes in conscious production and consumption with a sense of unity between people and the well-being of the planet, and that responsibility and awareness are fundamental principles in all our daily actions. The CURA – FASHION DESIGN STUDIO® brand wants its products to be useful and appreciated for many generations, defending the ecology of minds and actions. That’s why hemp is the raw material of choice, a magnificent natural fiber of vegetable origin, biodegradable, which in its cultivation revitalizes the soil, does not need pesticides or herbicides to grow with quality, saves water and is fully used since the seed to the flower. The defense of natural ecosystems is fundamental to us, but not only. The clothing of the CURA – FASHION DESIGN STUDIO® brand translates a socio-ecological intention of “union” based on the conviction and knowledge that clothing has to do with community dialogue and celebration. The CURA – FASHION DESIGN STUDIO® brand in hemp-based fabrics proposes bespoke clothing for confident and open-minded people, women and men. Not being a unisex brand, the designs are similar but adapted to the ergonomics, functionality and volumetry of each genre, in their own right and without restrictions. The CURA – FASHION DESIGN STUDIO® brand is aimed at you, so that you can participate in this ethic of union.

Clothing, Man, Woman