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The Portuguese brand o furniture PACHECO’S MOBILIÁRIO® was founded by two brothers, António Pereira Pacheco and José Pereira Pacheco, who from an early age took a liking to the craft of woodworking. From humble origins, but ambitious, these two brothers worked hard to make a dream come true – to open their own furniture factory. Focused on arousing the interest of stores in their pieces, they started to develop classic lines, very famous at the time. In 1994 José Pacheco assumed, together with his children, the responsibility of the factory, thus ending the partnership that existed before. Since then, and to match the furniture trends, the contemporary style was added to the classic style of the pieces, with fine lines and materials that allowed a more sophisticated design. The year 2019 marks a new chapter in the history of the brand PACHECO’S MOBILIÁRIO® – with a new name and a rebranding that brought it a contemporary image. The brand PACHECO’S MOBILIÁRIO® continues to remain competitive and current, even 45 years on the market. The services provided by he brand PACHECO’S MOBILIÁRIO® are divided into two aspects – it serves furniture stores with its pieces, so that they can respond in the best way to the wishes and needs of their customers, and it develops contract projects, where it creates bespoke pieces for hotels or cruise ships, having already participated in the decoration of more than 10 Douro Azul vessels. With around 55 employees, the brand PACHECO’S MOBILIÁRIO® is already a major reference in the national B2B market, also being present in countries such as Spain, USA, Holland, Angola and the United Kingdom, as a result of the ambition to bring the quality of PACHECO’S MOBILIÁRIO® products around the world.

Furniture, Home Decoration