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The Portuguese brand NITA THE NITA’S HOUSE® intends to bring together in a single space, what Nita Maria – its founder – calls home, passions that have accompanied her since she was very young – the love of rags, the combination of colors and patterns, fashion, giving life to an idea, transforming the “old” into new and finally the love for animals. This project is still an unfinished product that will be developed through the opinions and contributions of its customers, but also through Nita’s personal growth in this area. The brand NITA THE NITA’S HOUSE® aims to help its customers feel happier, more beautiful and self-confident, taking advantage of image consulting tips and/or special clothing and accessories or the possibility of creating their own pieces. The brand NITA THE NITA’S HOUSE® aims to contribute to reducing the levels of pollution caused by the fashion sector by transforming pieces of clothing that its customers have in their wardrobes and by giving tips on how to combine the same piece in different ways. The brand NITA THE NITA’S HOUSE® also aims to contribute to reducing the suffering of abandoned animals by contributing 1 euro for each piece sold from the Nita collection to the animal support institution – AMIRA. The adventure begins now – may we be happy.

Clothing, Services, Woman