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Created in 2021, MISSUNA® is a Portuguese brand of home textiles products with facilities in Guimarães. The mission of the brand MISSUNA® is to create quality products so that anyone can enjoy their time at home. At the same time, the brand tries to reduce as much as possible the environmental impact caused by the creation of its products. Currently, the brand MISSUNA® has a wide range of products that goes from bed linen, bath, table, and kitchen products, as well as products for the living room and decoration, made of various materials. The brand’s three main pillars are quality, sustainability, and transparency. Quality – Portugal is known worldwide for the high quality of its textile products. This same quality is present in the products and materials used by the brand MISSUNA® and is an essential part of its identity. The items are designed and analysed with the utmost detail before being sent to customers, ensuring that their experience is the best possible. Sustainability – the brand MISSUNA® wants the environmental impact caused by its activity to be as small as possible. To this end, it uses sustainable raw materials such as linen and organic cotton. It also has products certified by GOTS – Global Organic Textile Standard, guaranteeing the organic origin of the cotton, as well as its sustainable and socially responsible processing. Transparency – the brand MISSUNA® is ruled by transparency. All the details of its products are present in them, and any additional information that the customer needs will always be provided. The brand has an experienced team in the area of home textiles and this know-how is used to provide a close service to each customer. In the creator’s view, each home is a unique place where people spend a large part of their lives. The brand MISSUNA® wants to make that time to be lived with the greatest possible comfort and well-being.

Home Decoration, Home Textiles