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The Portuguese cheese brand LACTISER® is headquartered in Vendas de Galizes, in the parish of Nogueira do Cravo, located in the demarcated area of ​​Serra da Estrela. The brand LACTISER® is a family-owned company that has been around for three decades, always fighting against all odds. The brand LACTISER® is proud to be recognized as a national and international reference in the manufacture of cheese and curd. The brand LACTISER® has a priority role – obtaining premium quality products. To this end, the brand LACTISER® is fully aware that it is important to evolve, never forgetting its origins. In this way, the brand LACTISER® is concerned with preserving all the cheese and curd production procedures, having certain that, in order to obtain an excellent product, the intervention of people with profound knowledge is essential. Weekly, the brand LACTISER® produces more than 15,000 liters of sheep’s milk, thus obtaining a good response capacity in terms of satisfaction of the market.

Cheese, Gourmet, Grocery