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The Portuguese brand of sunglasses JOPLINS® started out of a feeling to make things different. Rafael, the founder, decided to have a go for sunglasses after discovering back in 2015 that a new methodology and production of sunglasses out of bamboo and wood was already happening in some parts of the world. As a surfer, outdoor person, traveller, and lover of the beach, he always wore sunglasses along with his life and thought this could be a good idea of uniting something he likes to wear to a purpose – stop the mass production of sunglasses out of plastic and metals. He also saw a huge potential for a market change as everyone likes and wears sunglasses, not only for a matter of protecting our vision but also for fashion style. He then decided to give it a try and start a small production of bamboo sunglasses. Nowadays, the brand JOPLINS® has four different collections – bamboo sunglasses, wooden sunglasses, cotton & wood sunglasses and bio-based acetate & wood sunglasses – counting with more than 40 different models, for men and women. All of the models of the brand JOPLINS® are unique, they never look exactly the same to one another as the lines and color of the wood are never the same. Plus, the brand JOPLINS® makes designs that are modern and trending to most people’s expectations and desires, always innovating to have a slightly different look than what is already out there. Besides making unique eco-friendly sunglasses and already causing an impact, the brand JOPLINS® will plant a tree and remove 1kg of plastic from the oceans for every pair of sunglasses sell. The main customers of the brand JOPLINS® are the new generation of people who want to transform the world for the better, mostly young people between 20-38 years old who want to make a change, men and women. People that likes fashion and cares for the protection of their vision. People that are active, usually in outdoor activities like hiking, surfing, traveling, driving, biking, canyoning, parks or just spending time outdoors. The brand JOPLINS® wants to combine style, protection, sustainability and versatility. Visit the ONLINE STORE and find the sunglasses that defines your style.

Fashion Accessories, Man, Sunglasses, Woman