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INFUSÕES COM HISTÓRIA® is a Portuguese brand of biologically certified infusions, produced entirely in Portugal, featuring unique mixtures with native plants from various regions of the country. For Miguel Moreira and Valdemar Oliveira, 2017 marked the beginning of this adventure based on a passion for nature and for what Portugal has the most attractive – its culture, its centenary heritage, the environmentally friendly production and takes from it the flavours of difference and passion. With the commitment and mission as a brand to take care of all stages and processes. From the meadow to the palate, from the earth to the savour, respecting the beginning and end, always. Based on these assumptions, the brand INFUSÕES COM HISTÓRIA® aims to assert itself in the international panorama of infusions, with products that establish a deep affective connection. Products from Earth and People, which serve as a sensory guide for those who want to prove our lineage and discover our DNA as a people of tradition. In order to make this possible, there was a need to recover native plants from the Romanesque Route, thus associating the historical heritage with the agricultural, by the recovery of that heritage. Hence the company intends to present itself as Portuguese from the root that originates the plant. The three unique infusions born of this route are the Mato Infusion (prunella, carqueja and mint), the Montanha de Sensações Infusion (heather, prunella and lemon balm), and the Românico Português Infusion (prunella, lemon balm and mint) ). Infusions that offer insight, history and countless sensations. Maintaining a deep respect for traditions, the infusions will also have for sale, separately, a mug of black clay, typical of the regions where they come from, in order to enhance their craftsmanship. And the materials they will be presented in will be reusable – the bags can be used to hold new infusions, and the cans to put in small vessels. New infusion lines are being prepared, always with the same premises, already following the “Rio e Vinha” line with herbs from the Douro Vinhateiro. More than producing infusions, the brand INFUSÕES COM HISTÓRIA® aims to restore the national agricultural heritage by giving it a different meaning by associating it with other aspects of Portuguese culture. The brand has been very well received by the market, as far as distributors are concerned, as well as by the end consumer who recognizes, in mixtures, the unique and differentiating characteristics.

Gourmet, Grocery, Tea