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INFUSÕES COM HISTÓRIA® is a Portuguese brand of teas, infusions and herbal teas with biological certification and 100% national production, which presents exclusive mixtures with indigenous plants from the Douro region and the Rota do Românico [Route of the Romanesque] region. This project, initiated by Miguel Moreira and Valdemar Oliveira, is inspired by their passion for nature and mountain activities, but also for everything that Portugal has most attractive. The preservation of culture, the centenary heritage of these regions, the knowledge about the traditional use of aromatic plants or the commitment and mission to establish a deep emotional connection, are some of the principles defended by INFUSÕES COM HISTÓRIA®. In general, the brand has been very well received by the market, both with regard to distributors, as well as by the final consumer, who recognizes in the mixtures, its striking and differentiating characteristics. Based on these premises, the brand thus asserts itself in the national and international panorama of premium quality teas, infusions and herbal teas, demonstrating that it is possible to bridge the gap between the land, people and their stories. For this to happen, the company is betting on the recovery of indigenous plants from the Route of the Romanesque and the Douro region, thus associating historical and agricultural heritage. In total, twenty different species are used, giving rise to nine exclusive blends and two distinct ranges: Chás do Douro [Douro teas] (six BIO blends) and Chás do Românico [Romanesque teas] (three BIO blends). Regarding the Chás do Românico (first products launched by the brand), this range includes the Infusão Montanha de Sensações [Infusion Mountain of Sensations], Românico Português [Portuguese Romanesque] and the Infusão do Mato [Bushes infusion]. As for the Chás do Douro [Douro teas] range, this one has the presence of Subtil [Subtle], Vibrante [Vibrant], Mística [Mystical], Balsâmica [Balsamic], Floral and Estival [Summer Infusion]. In addition to these extraordinary 100% natural options, the brand also has elegant and practical accessories for tea and coffrets produced in a special edition, some of them in partnership with other Portuguese brands. In this way, the brand invests in a unique experience, that is, in the 360º experience – the consumer, when visiting the INFUSÕES COM HISTÓRIA® website, guarantees all the BIO utensils and products necessary to prepare, serve and taste these healthy drinks. Conquer experiences that will remain in your memory, find all the quality you deserve to receive and feel the serenity, through the biological aromas of this fabulous brand.

Gourmet, Grocery, Tea