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The Portuguese brand BELTRÃO COELHO® is an information technology company that has been present in the Portuguese market for over 70 years. Founded by José Augusto Beltrão Coelho, it started as a photographic business and was the first Portuguese company to operate in this segment. However, it quickly ended up becoming a company that embraces the new opportunities that come its way, which translates into a strong ability to follow market trends and consequent diversification in its field of activity. The brand BELTRÃO COELHO® is a specialist in Digital Workplace Solutions, its main purpose being to create a more productive, innovative work environment prepared for the business needs of the future. For this, the brand BELTRÃO COELHO® has a research and development department that provides customers with customized applications to improve their business, in complete harmony with the technological evolution of the market, always ensuring an excellent service, being considered one of the main players in Portugal. Currently, BELTRÃO COELHO®’s main business is the Managed Print Services. However, since the brand BELTRÃO COELHO® has always sought innovation and product diversification, more recently, it decided to invest in the service robots segment, being the first company in Portugal to bring artificial intelligence to the business environment. Currently, the brand BELTRÃO COELHO® is the most important reference in robotic solutions, with four types of robots – Temi, Cruzr, Sanbot and Techi Butler. All are programmable, have autonomous movement in space and each model has a function that characterizes it, namely telepresence, teleconferencing, room service or entertainment, among other functions. The brand BELTRÃO COELHO® is in the top 10 Excellence Index 2020, holds the innovative Cotec status, the Punctual Payment Commitment diploma, and also has the following distinctions obtained – Platinum Xerox Partner, Portuguese Association of Business Ethics, PME Leader, among others.

Services, Technology