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The Government of the Azores assumes the construction of the Portuguese brand AZORES CERTIFIED BY NATURE® as one of the driving pillars of the region’s internal and external promotion. The identification of the region with a synonymous mark of quality that differentiates the product from the most distinctive attributes of the Azores – nature, high environmental value, diversity and natural exclusivity – is undeniably important in the success of a strategy of market access and loyalty in order to bring added value to Azorean products and services and to foster the economic base of exports. With a crosscutting nature to all regional production, the AZORES CERTIFIED BY NATURE® brand aims to become a global reference brand, a territorial brand that identifies the offer of the Azores both in terms of tourism promotion and in terms of the dissemination of products and services. Azorean products, considering traditional tradable goods and services, such as tourism, must be distinguished from other direct competitors because they originate in a region with a high environmental footprint. The AZORES CERTIFIED BY NATURE® brand aims to ensure that the place of origin of products and services is the Autonomous Region of the Azores, stimulating the already existing preference in the consumption of Azorean products and contributing to the growth of its production, ensuring the structuring conditions for regional companies make progress in the value chain, increase their competitiveness and promote job and wealth creation. Thus, the AZORES CERTIFIED BY NATURE® brand assumes two main valences – as a brand belonging to the region and its heritage and as a stamp of origin for its products and services.

Regional Promotion