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AIRBEL® is a 100% national brand, founded in 2016, positioning itself in the market in the scent Marketing segment, operating in the B2B domain. It presents itself as a sophisticated company, with a distinctive and superior service, aiming to present an innovative and effective scenting solution, aimed at companies that follow this same concept taking pride in having renowned customers throughout the national territory. In this sense, the brand AIRBEL® offers distinctive services that are based, above all, on premium scent marketing, extending to other related areas, such as professional scenting. In terms of scent marketing, a professional misting equipment is placed, proposing scenting solutions tailored to the operating field of each business, seeking to respond to the customer’s wishes and not compromise the architectural features of the environment in which they are incorporated. Attention to all these aspects will allow the creation of an olfactory identity, whose customers will memorize and associate exclusively to a certain brand. The scent marketing area offers customers’ follow-up at all stages of the service’s use, from the membership, to the installation of equipment and respective maintenance. It also offers a service tailored to each customer, believing that each business has different needs and aspects that require special and professional attention. In short, the brand AIRBEL® is not focused on selling a product, but rather on selling an exclusive and premium quality service. By working with the most diverse types of businesses and spaces (shopping centres, hotels, car brands, clinics, clothing boutiques, amongst others) and intending to meet the specific needs of each one, the brand AIRBEL® has more than 35 aromas in its catalogue, developed through natural extracts, certified by IFRA, which represents safety in terms of health and environment. Therefore, it presents aromas in accordance with the experience and image that each business intends to portrait, also managing to produce customized aromas, through the combination of different olfactory notes. For instance, in the case of implementing scent marketing in a spa, aromas with notes such as green tea or mint are more suitable, as they have calming properties, while in a coffee shop fragrances’ such as cappuccino or coffee with milk are more suitable, because they increase the customer’s appetite and, consequently, his consumption. In addition to professional scenting solutions, still within the Premium Olfactory Marketing, the brand AIRBEL® has a set of traditional scenting solutions also targeting other companies. These consist of creating candles and mikados with the same aroma associated with the business and used in the misting equipment, in order to maintain cohesion between the various scenting formats, contributing to a coherent olfactory identity. In these cases, it also develops private label formats that can be customized to the client’s brand. In terms of professional scenting, the brand AIRBEL® has a solution for treating and removing unpleasant odours, suitable for spaces that, due to the service they provide – such as gyms or restaurants – end up suffering from a build-up of odours, which can be incompatible with providing a pleasant customer experience. With the global pandemic spread in 2020, the brand AIRBEL® introduced another segment, focused on personal hygiene with the development of a unique and innovative technology equipment that consisted of hand disinfection in a spray format, making its use more practical, convenient and clean. Recently, and due to a gap identified in the housing sector market, a new area of activity was presented, targeting the final customer – AIRBEL®. Home Scenting. This segment was launched by the creation of a semi-professional air freshener capable of meeting the consumers’ needs, by the possibility of configuring the equipment’s operation according to schedules, days of the week and fogging intensity, tailored to their day-to-day habits. This sector is also combined with traditional scenting products, such as candles and mikados, which can be purchased at AIRBEL®’s online store.

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