The PORTUGUESE-BRANDS.com platform is a hymn to the Portuguese entrepreneurs who roll up their sleeves, dive into work and create innovative concepts, reinvent brands, rescue kitsch objects from the collective imagination and present Portugal with its full potential. A site for the new Portuguese brands but also for the old ones, the half century ones or those that have already crossed them.


The PORTUGUESE-BRANDS.com platform is a communication agency that is specializes in the promotion of national brands and provides all the services that Portuguese SMEs need to communicate with their public.


The team that leads the PORTUGUESE-BRANDS.com platform is an experienced and multidisciplinary team with over 20 years of experience in the sector. Each of the consultants of the platform PORTUGUESE-BRANDS.com is a senior employee who has worked with dozens of companies and has the necessary knowledge to advise you in your strategic decisions regarding the communication and operationality of your Portuguese brand understand the professional and business challenges the business entails.


In 2012, in the midst of the national and international economic crisis, we saw how thousands of Portuguese did not fade in the face of the difficulties of a hard and totally different European socio-economic context from what they had previously known. Entrepreneurs by nature looked around and detected what they could achieve. They pondered the knowledge they had, what they would like to do, what they could create or cultivate in their parents, grandparents’ land, what they would like to recover in Portuguese culture or to innovate, asserting themselves as the world’s top entrepreneurs.


Inspired by so much creativity that emerged with each passing day, without the media giving due prominence and merit to these Portuguese fighters, creators of new Portuguese Brands, we decided to create this platform for the dissemination of national companies and their products.


Because the world deserves to know more about the quality of the Portuguese products.