On the first day of the most Portuguese month – our beloved month of August – we launched a new bilingual platform PORTUGUESE-BRANDS.com, organized by activity sector through a dynamic search tool with a simple and minimalist look. A new platform designed to facilitate the discovery of Portuguese brands, from recent to older of the most varied sectors of activity. Created in 2012, the PORTUGUESE-BRANDS.com platform was developed with the concrete mission of being an asset for those who appreciate what is done in Portugal at a creative and production level and looking for alternatives, choosing to consciously buy what is made in Portugal. Mass consumption usually revolves around the same anchor brands, usually belonging to multinationals. The PORTUGUESE-BRANDS.com platform aims to be an easy search tool that provides concrete and differentiating alternatives to what is usually available in mass form. In addition, the PORTUGUESE-BRANDS.com platform aims to be a continuous aggregator of the Portuguese Brands, adding daily brands that subscribe to the platform, brands suggested by our followers and visitors or brands that our editorial team discovers in this small country full of entrepreneurial capacity. The PORTUGUESE-BRANDS.com platform aims to support the Portuguese Brands, giving them visibility and active voice. Let yourself be surprised by brands you didn’t know were Portuguese, by brands you didn’t even know that existed and, if possible, consume Portuguese.