Created in 2015 by the hands and conviction of Sofia Neves, the Portuguese brand TREZE ARTIGOS RELIGIOSOS® presents a beautiful and serene collection of religious articles, thought and designed for the 21st century. Coincidence or not, it was in Fátima that the brand TREZE ARTIGOS RELIGIOSOS® was born, a sort of spin-off of the Marfilar factory, founded by Sofia Neves’ parents in 1984, who grew up in the middle of the production of religious figures in stone powder, always handcrafted, always treated with great emotion. Life wanted Sofia to take other professional paths before returning to her origins, enthusiastic about the idea of making a teen dream come true: enter the world of entrepreneurship and give a new life to the images manufactured by her parents and enliven them with the tones of the rainbow.

The idea was to reformulate the offer of articles produced at the factory, combining the parents’ know-how with Sofia’s creativity, as she recalls: “I wanted to innovate in the market, give the company a younger image and create new concepts for pieces associated with religion. The traditional stone dust figures have been reinvented in terms of design and personalization and we still diversify the offer of items.” And so the TREZE ARTIGOS RELIGIOSOS® was born – with 100% Portuguese religious ornaments, 100% handmade, 100% contemporary: in addition to the traditional crucifix, there are images of Santo António and Nossa Senhora de Fátima, without forgetting the much sought after nativity scene. And just as Sofia’s dream commanded, each piece can be created by the image of the customer, who only has to indicate the desired color at the time of purchase – yellow, blue, white, gray, lilac, pink or green. There is something for everyone, for all generations.

Leaving the comfort zone that tradition can often imply has brought other added value, as revealed by Sofia Neves: “the transformation of religious articles into pieces with color and design has revived old values, which, although they never faded, have gained a new lease of life. The pieces of TREZE ARTIGOS RELIGIOSOS® not only reinforce Christian values, but also promote the practice of prayer, sometimes even for those who are not religious!” Together with the online store, TREZE ARTIGOS RELIGIOSOS® also has a blog where, under the hashtag #encouragingdays, we talk about everything and more – small encouraging reminders for every day and every hour.

Here you can breathe a rainbow-colored faith, with art and passion.

Online Store: https://www.trezeaderecosreligiosos.pt/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TrezeAderecosReligiosos/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Treze_Portugal/